Relax Hoodie
12 000
Size: travel-oversize
Material: 100% Cotton

Uncompromisingly comfortable sweatshirt for travel.

Relax Hoodie is our answer to the inconvenience on the road. Built-in anatomical pillows for the lower back and neck will help you to have a good rest anywhere.

The hoodie has built-in separate valves for inflating pillows for the back and neck. Two minutes — and you can relax or take a nap without a stiff neck and numbness.

The hoodie is made in the oversize format and is obviously sewn a little larger.

The interior of the pocket is made of soft fleece — the hands will be warm and soft. And the insulated fleece waist will protect you from hypothermia.

Easy to use
  1. Get it
  2. Inflate
  3. Relax